About Us

Motokomerc d.o.o.Motokomerc is a family company with 18 employees at the moment. Its basic activity is a mechanical processing of engines. Also, the company offers a technical inspection service for passenger vehicles and trucks, spare parts sale, a braking system service for trucks and buses, a general service of truck engines, a high pressure oil pump service and, as of lately, a sale and service of machines of the Italian manufacturers COMEC, PEG, ROBBI…
D.o.o. Motokomerc (Motokomerc Ltd.) was founded in 1992, but its roots, in fact, date back to 1989 when it was established as the auto mechanic workshop for mechanical processing of engines. Its founder is Savo Selakovic who is actually the owner and director of Motokomerc. Originally, this workshop was dedicated to mechanical processing of crank cases and crankshafts of internal combustion engines. Their activity was soon expanded to the cylinder head and connecting rods repairs as well as to other services of metal whetting and grinding.
In 1992 the auto mechanic workshop became the Motokomerc company whose founders were Savo and Nada Selakovic. The company continues with the same activities but in an increased volume. In 1998 a technical inspection service for passenger vehicles and trucks was opened. In the same year, a new business object was launched in the Rajkovacka street n° 21 where our customers can find all services of Motokomerc in one place.
The new object includes the workshop for the mechanical processing of engine service, spare parts shop, high pressure oil pump service, technical inspection service, accounting department and restaurant.

Motokomerc has been managing its affairs on a permanent ascent in a sense of expanding of its activities, increasing number of its businesses, partners, market share, increasing its production volume and, what is the most important, gaining ever new and more satisfied customers.
The latest in the program of Motokomerc is the machine and tools sale for the machine and auto mechanic workshops. Motokomerc is an authorized importer of the following Italian-made equipment: COMEC, PEG and ROBBI…
Motokomerc’s activities have not been based only on rendering services but also in manufacturing the machines for parts washing and the tables for mechanical processing and cylinder head assembling. As for the production, the Motokomerc has been present beyond the borders of Serbia and Montenegro as well.
A constant increasing in the number of buyers and turnover are a permanent determination of the managing team who keenly follow all world trends and achievements in this field.
With the multifunctional work organization, the outstanding knowledge of goods and markets, Motokomerc is one of the leading companies in this branch.

Selakovic Savo Company owner and president